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Share Your Extraordinary With Us

by Liz Hamilton

Creative. Meaningful. Valuable. Amazing. Interesting. Awesome. Enjoyable. Professional. Open-minded. Experiential. Collaborative. Trusting. Relevant. Interactive. Detailed. Integrated. Quality. Diverse. Helpful. Generous. Appreciative. Engaging. Caring. Relaxed. Patient.

Using Google Tag Manager

by Patrick Niyongabo

A few weeks ago, I started going through online tutorials on how to use Google Tag Manager and other Google tracking and reporting services such as Google Analytics, Adwords and Adsense.

Building Good for our Clients and our Community

by Emily Russell

Advertising is all about teamwork. And here at Stone Ward, we take pride in our ability to work as a team, whether we are delivering outstanding business results for our clients or engaging in community service. We believe in building good, both for our clients and for our community.

Spotting & Communicating Trends

by Nicole Roberts

Have you ever walked by a friend and they yell “Dannnng, Daniel” at you? Maybe you’re in the middle of a conversation and someone is trying to explain something to you then they out of nowhere say, “Listen, Linda, Listen!” Who are Linda and Daniel? That’s not my name. What does this mean?! Suddenly you’re really confused, and are faced with two options.

Stop That Scrolling Thumb - Appreciate the Process

by Jane Madden

You’re scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, sitting at home (obviously not at your work desk, because that’s not following the rules of true adulthood) and you come across one of those little videos that automatically start (silently) playing. The video may pique your interest, it may not–so you either continue to watch it silently like a social media zombie, click on it for sound, or just go on with your scrolling.

The Beauty of Node.js

by Patrick Niyongabo

Last week was the first week of my Camp Reality Summer Internship at Stone Ward. In only the few days that I have been working here as a web developer intern in the digital department, I have enjoyed the perks that come with that job title. In only a week, I have been introduced to a lot of tools used in the professional web development. My favorite so far have been:

When Internships Go Right: A Camp Reality Perspective

by Addison Hurst

Internships get a bad rap.

People complain that it is a lot of work for little reward, or maybe, that as an intern you’re just doing busy work. Fortunately for me, my experience has been far from either of those.

More Than Luck

by Dennis Wemyss


Creating the Hirable Copywriting Portfolio

by Becca Hawk

Last week my partner in crime and advertising June Pham discussed how to create the perfect graphic design portfolio.

The advice remains the same in some aspects, but here’s my take on it:

Stand out

Three Ways To Clean Up Your Social Media

by BJ Matthews

In my short time in the advertising agency life, there’s one thing I’ve learned that stands out among the rest: your reputation is everything. Similarly, the image you present to the public goes a long way.

With Camp Reality just around the corner and floods of applications coming through my email, I felt it was time to get down to business about something.

Social media.

From An Intern's Perspective: Write Like A Girl

by Elizabeth Stripling

These days, you don’t have to wander very far to notice the abundance of female-strengthening advertisements gracing print, screen & web. From Dove’s “True Beauty” to Pantene’s “Sorry Not Sorry” campaign, women’s praises are being sung higher than ever before.

The Camp Reality Internship Experience Keeps Giving Years Later

by BJ Matthews

Camp Reality.

After seven weeks here, I can tell you that there has never been a more fitting name for an internship program.

When I wrote my blog post after our first week interning, I thought I had been challenged. I thought the things I had learned the first week were what I would be doing for the remaining seven. Once again, I was wrong.

An Intern's Perspective On Web Design: It’s a Relationship

by Maddie Smith

As a graphic designer, one aspect of my job is dedicated to making things visually appealing, but when it comes to web design, there is more to the story. The usability of a web page is just as, if not more important than the design itself, and the ease of interaction that the target audience has with it can make the difference between achieving your goals and falling short.

Camp Reality, Week 1

by BJ Matthews