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Hi, I’m Jay Stanley, creative director at Stone Ward. We all know how important websites are. They’re the virtual lobby of your business and in many cases, it’s where your first impressions are made. Today, I’m going to give you three quick tips to follow when creating and writing effective web copy that will win over your visitors.

Tip #1: Visualize Your Ideal Audience

Before you begin writing, You should take the time to discover who your ideal reader is. Now, this goes beyond simple demographics. You should get to know their wants, needs and worries. You should know the questions they have. When you get to know your reader on this level, You make it easy to strike up a conversation with them, and your effective web copy will become more engaging, friendly and persuasive.

Tip #2: Speak to the Reader in Their Voice

When you use conversational copy, you’re making the experience about them, not you. Don’t use this as an opportunity to show off your massive vocabulary or wow them industry jargon. You’ll only make your audience feel like an outsider. Remember, you’re out to make a new friend, and when you write the way you speak, you just sound more authentic and likable.

Tip #3: Make it Less About Features and More About Benefits

Truth is, your audience probably isn’t as interested in your business as you are, but they are very interested in what’s best for them. So, create a list of the features of your product or service that set you apart. Then translate each of these features into a benefit to the reader.

Crafting web copy that’s truly great is a lot of work. Take the time to fully understand who it is you’re writing for and what makes them tick. Answer their questions. Make them smile. And before you know it, you’ll do more than win a customer, you’ll create a fan.

If you want to learn more, let’s talk. You can reach me at For more on writing effective website copy, follow this link.