As this summer’s fourth floor intern, I have many advantages over the rest of the interns. I am, of course, higher than them, and with that comes the benefit of one extra flight of stairs to climb every morning. It is safe to say my legs are exactly one flight of stairs stronger than any other interns’ (except maybe Jack – he’s got some serious calf muscles hidden under those khakis). When it comes time to apply for jobs after graduation, I will be able to confidently include “strong calves” on my resume. With this new resume boost, I should be able to get any job I apply for (assuming Jack doesn’t also apply). 

And I will not leave this internship with just stronger calves. I will leave with some new friends and plenty of lessons learned. I’ve learned what a C-47 is, and through repetition, how to most efficiently fold the legs of a c-stand. But more valuable than those lessons are the lessons, I’ve learned about how to be an overall better person. This internship has put me in some uncomfortable situations. I think discomfort is one of the biggest catalysts for personal growth, and I was in plenty of situations this summer that didn’t showcase the most impressive version of myself. Adapting and acknowledging my lack of knowledge in these uncomfortable scenarios has taught me how to learn better and helped me prepare for future job opportunities. 

I’m not sure how the other interns and their third floor leg strength will fare on the hunt for jobs, but I know I’ll feel confident walking into any job interview in a few short months from now, especially if any of those interviews are on the fourth floor.