Interning at Stone Ward has allowed me to experience a lot of cool and exciting opportunities, but working with Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken for the past eight weeks has hands down been my favorite. Not many people from the office have a chance to experience the deliciousness of Lee’s Chicken, so I consider myself blessed. 

From helping to create copy to posing for social media photos and boomerangs, I thought I had experienced it all, but I was mistaken. In order to get the full Lee’s experience, one must eat Lee’s. Since the quick service restaurant chain is focused mainly in the Midwest, the social media team and I decided to pack our bags and take a road trip to St. Louis so we could experience the famous chicken. 

We arrived to Lee’s with our cameras ready and ready to take on the day. We weren’t sure what the staff would think when we asked to take thousands of pictures of chicken, but thankfully the staff was very nice and more than willing to make our experience as enjoyable as possible. They gave us a behind the scenes look at what goes on behind the counter, and offered to make us anything.  

After the tour, we jumped right into what we had been assigned to do — take pictures of delicious fried chicken, of course! From photographing chicken strips wearing mustaches, to getting plenty of booms of chicken being dipped in sauce and trying to eat as much Lee’s as possible, we were able to capture a lot of fun shots. I had no idea there were so many different ways to photograph food. 

The time went by so fast, I hadn’t even noticed that we had been there for over three hours until we started packing up to leave.  I could’ve stayed and taken photos and boomerangs for three more hours, but alas we had to trek back to Arkansas. I am proud to say that my first, and hopefully not last, time at Lee’s was one I will remember forever.