In a world where digital communication reigns supreme, it’s critical – lifesaving, even –  for nonprofits like Bulamu Healthcare to share their mission and impact through an online platform. When the need arose for Bulamu Healthcare to refresh its website, Stone Ward was ready to take on the challenge, helping the healthcare nonprofit create a digital footprint encompassing its core value: “Bulamu Means Life.”

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Differentiating Bulamu Healthcare

What sets Bulamu Healthcare apart from its peers? Its rare focus on working with Uganda’s Ministry of Health and its novel approach to data and reporting in sub-Saharan Africa’s healthcare. Stone Ward helped showcase this unique proposition, emphasizing Bulamu Healthcare’s pivotal role in improving access to surgeries, maternal-child health, and helping babies breathe. Embarking on this digital overhaul, two crucial elements became our north star:

  • Maintaining Brand Integrity: A renewed style guide should echo the brand’s soul. While modernizing the design, Stone Ward ensured Bulamu Healthcare’s legacy remained intact, resonating deeply with its foundational values.
  • Showcasing Real Impact: The website now features vibrant infographic stats and poignant patient stories. These elements stitch together a tapestry of Bulamu Healthcare’s impact in Uganda, offering visitors a holistic view of the organization’s transformative touch.
Bulamu Healthcare Style Guide

More Than a Number

The heart of Bulamu Healthcare’s mission is providing direct treatment. Since 2016, with an all-local Ugandan team, Bulamu Healthcare has been a beacon of hope, treating over 325,000 low-income patients completely free of charge. But numbers alone can’t tell this story. To capture the essence of Bulamu Healthcare’s impact, Stone Ward opted for a more emotional, visual approach.

Because video is a crucial storytelling medium, Stone Ward created a space on the website that leverages videos to showcase Bulamu Healthcare’s success through its patient stories. We took inspiration from major streaming platforms like Netflix and Max to create the Patient Story landing page, where visitors could see the real-life impact of Bulamu Healthcare’s work. Intentional design and organization supported this strategy so that users could quickly connect with the core of Bulamu Healthcare’s mission.

A Unique Call to Action: Customized Donations

Every nonprofit website has a purpose beyond just sharing information. For Bulamu Healthcare, the primary goal is to attract individual donors and Stone Ward addressed this by innovating a new kind of giving portal. Recognizing the pivotal role donations play in Bulamu Healthcare’s operations, we dared to think outside the box. By creating a platform where prospective donors could not only donate but educate themselves about the healthcare milestones they were championing, the act of giving became more interactive. We provided two ways for donors to give. In the first and more traditional way, donors can contribute a lump sum once or on a monthly basis. We also helped Bulamu formalize its monthly giving program by helping name these donors as Lifeline Donors

The second was based on a typical “add-to-cart” convention. Bulamu Healthcare wanted a way to educate prospective donors on the healthcare services it delivers to the people of Uganda while also making the donation process as simple as possible. As a result, Stone Ward created an e-commerce-inspired solution, which we named “Lifeline Support Center,” to allow donors to view all services and add them to their “cart.” Instead of donating a lump sum, donors can curate their ideal donation “shopping bag” – delivering an immersive and educational experience built on cost transparency and the impact of every donation.

A Holistic Approach


Stone Ward’s approach to redesigning was holistic. By understanding Bulamu Healthcare’s core values, mission, and objectives, we helped craft a website that’s not only functional but also a testament to Bulamu Healthcare’s journey. Through effective storytelling, visual-driven content, and transparent information sharing, the revamped website serves as a beacon, attracting donors and supporters from across the globe to be a part of the life-changing mission – because, as they say, “Bulamu means life.”

Don’t just take our word for it – see it for yourself!