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"Always be a student." It’s the principle that keeps us relevant in a constantly evolving community. We’ve dedicated ourselves to being ardent pupils of the industry, freely sharing what we’ve learned so that we can all work smarter.

A doggone good client relationship

by Mary Read Askew

If there’s one thing we love more than advertising at Stone Ward, it’s dogs. Which is why we jumped at the opportunity to partner with Hounds Lounge Pet Resort & Spa to help market their latest location.

Stone Ward client Sport Clips Haircuts recently donated $1.35 million to the VFW

by Dana Dussing Berry

And it means even more veterans can go back to school using Help A Hero Scholarships. Stone Ward client Sport Clips Haircuts recently donated $1.35 million to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. (VFW) Foundation as a part of its annual “Help A Hero” fundraising program.

What Makes a Campaign Go Viral?

by Stone Ward Staff

In today’s market, playing inside the box and staying safe with marketing is a recipe for blandness. Never before have audiences suffered more from ad fatigue than they do now than with the rise of targeted digital advertising (except for maybe what feels like the same Geico commercials over and over during the Super Bowl).

Conducting Keyword Research

by Matt Stewart

You’ve probably heard the term “keyword” thrown around from time to time. But what is a keyword? A keyword is any term or phrase that a person searches on Google, Bing, or any other search engine. These search engines use complex algorithms that try to determine the most relevant and authoritative websites and content to match your query. 

Dynamic Emails Yield Dynamic Results

by Matt Stewart

Without a target audience, marketers would be shooting in the dark; spending unnecessary marketing dollars blasting out a message to someone who isn’t interested. Personalization using dynamic content has become a vital part of marketing, as consumers are blasted with thousands of advertisements per day.

The Art of Smart

by Kyle Floyd

From decades of movies and media, the perception of life in the trading industry might be quite a bit different than what you'd expect. It's less “Wolf of Wall Street” and more “Moneyball.” Many traders now come equipped with Ph.D.s in math or computer-science, and work in an environment where the fastest speeds and the smartest strategies win the day.

Stone Ward awarded for creativity in video and workplace culture

by Liz Hamilton

Racking up on the industry awards this year, Stone Ward is proud to announce recent recognitions for its creativity in video and top-notch workplace culture.

Helping cure “Nature-Deficit-Disorder” with the Arkansas Game & Fish Foundation

by Danny Koteras

Over the past few decades, society has slowly begun plugging into technology more than the outside world. The Arkansas Game & Fish Foundation is on a mission to change that, by looking for donors to fund a new Nature and Education Center in Northwest Arkansas.