Allow the Media Type to Inform the Creative

When it comes to creative copywriting across various media platforms, it’s not one size fits all. To make your campaigns successful, you have to be able to get your message out effectively across all media types.

The message you are trying to deliver in a 30-second TV spot is going to have to be crafted differently on a billboard. So as a writer you have to think beyond the words.

Television: A Place Where People Talk

For a television spot, especially if you are writing dialogue, you have to write conversationally, write the way people talk. You’re not writing a paper for the Journal of Science. Grammar is out the window.

Same thing goes for videos. A video should sound like you’re telling a story, not reading a script.

Radio: A Theater of the Mind

When you’re writing for radio, go big. Radio truly is the theater of the mind. You can do ANYTHING on Planet Radio. Take the listener on a journey to Antarctica inside an alien warship filled with space monkeys. Or, have an entertaining hook or gimmick that makes the listener want to hear your spot again.

Outdoor: Where Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when it comes to outdoor, think visually with as few words as possible. And definitely think about teasers leading up to a big reveal, especially if you are introducing a new product or client to the public.

Copywriting for Print: An Ever-Moving Target

Print is a tough one because gone are the days of the Ogilvy Formula and 250 words of copy. I feel that print advertising is being replaced with social media advertising today.

Paid social has its own set of rules with character counts and the 20% Rule on Facebook that you have to abide by. So use your visual space for the concept, and let the text do the heavy lifting.

Struggling with Copywriting for a Particular Medium?

That’s all the words I have for you today. But I’ve got plenty more where those came from. If there’s anything I can do to make your business or product sound better, I’d love to help.

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