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Brands As Publishers: A Few Tips and Thought-Starters

by Stone Ward Staff

We have been talking about it for well over  a year now: brands must become publishers online to maintain top-of-mind awareness and build engagement with their customers and potential customers. Knowing it needs to be done and doing it are two very different things. What should you publish? Who writes it? How frequently should you post? The temptation is to create content just for the sake of creating content because you know you should.

Donut Glaze and Home Page Design

by Stone Ward Staff

Don’t load up the home page of your website with all the content you possibly can. Yes, we know, it’s all really important. People need to know what the site’s all about, and they need to know immediately. “Quick, throw them the 500 page web manual so they can get the gist of our site!”

Professional Services: Planning Your Digital Presence

by Stone Ward Staff

This week, I gave a presentation to the Accounting & Financial Women’s Association of Central Arkansas. We talked about how they can approach their digital presence to drive business, both for themselves as individual practitioners or as part of the larger companies where they are employed. Here is the presentation.

Mobility Is A Behavior. It Can't Be Ignored.

by Stone Ward Staff

Many brands and marketers are struggling right now with how to reach their target consumers through the mobile devices they keep within four feet of themselves 24-hours a day and are staring at constantly.