The economy is booming, and brands of all sizes are experiencing unprecedented success. Today’s innovation is creating new business models and allowing both old and new brands the opportunity to take a fresh look at their marketing plans.

Overnight Success?

For us, it’s prime time to dispel an abundance of marketing myths while creating intentional, integrated marketing plans that leverage the best of our clients’ value propositions with brand equity to create a greater return on their advertising investment.

Our clients, and many businesses, are barraged with marketing speak about what’s hot and what’s not. Sayings like, “It’s all about the data and a bigger media spend, and don’t forget an ever-active social – oh, and get the PR engine revved up.” Some say it’s all about finding the right influencers or it’s as easy as creating the perfect Tik Tok video. Other’s believe for every podcast, blog, panel or post, there’s an abundance of ways to create that overnight advertising success. My thoughts? Not so fast.

What is the Recipe for Success?

Our perspective is that, as with any recipe for success, finding the perfect balance of ingredients is key. No one ingredient, tactic or channel makes my mom’s chocolate earthquake cake perfect, and no one strategy or tactic will build a successful brand.

Earthquake recipe

For us, real advertising success comes from the hard work of a disciplined, studied approach, beginning with discovery and leading to true insight that inspires a wonderfully creative idea. While it may not be the sexiest, craziest or trendiest idea, the right idea is one custom-tailored to connect and resonate with our clients’ target audiences in a way that achieves desired results. The right idea is thoughtfully delivered to target audiences in an all-in creative campaign that can be shaped and molded across every channel – paid, earned and owned – in a compelling way. Thankfully for us, humans are generally not bored into buying anything.

Wheel of process

Great creative still remains a kingpin driver. It separates the mediocre from the meteoric. Additionally, it creates proven, exponential advertising ROI, including building brand value – a tangible asset to the companies who enjoy it. In our 30-plus years of advertising, we’ve seen the power of a great idea over and over again. And as a creative force for good, we are in constant pursuit of the next one.

Part science, part magic, part trusted relationship between client and agency: it’s our tried-and-true recipe for success. Check out some of our latest work here.