Tom Lillig

Director of Brand Management | Managing Partner, Chicago

Tom joined Stone Ward 15 years ago with the responsibility of opening its office in Chicago and finding the right clients to make it a success. In his first year, Tom connected with Snap-On Tools and the rest is history. Today Tom uses his gifted storytelling skills and marketing know-how to direct the Chicago team and its distinguished client portfolio.

An advocate of all things Building Good, Tom works alongside his clients to help them unlock the full potential of their brand and market opportunity. Prior to joining Stone Ward, he worked at Starcom, Leo Burnett and the Peace Corps, gaining a broad range of skills and client experience. His trusted counsel and passion for strategy enables him to co-create marketing initiatives with his clients that help them build trust with their customers, drive sales and success, all while making positive contributions in their communities and around the world.

Equipped with unique advertising insight and demonstrated experience across diverse categories,Tom has led national and global campaigns for well-known brands including U.S Soccer Federation, Kellogg's, Snap-on Tools, Peace Corps, U.S. Postal Service, National Women's Soccer League, Reebok, The Nature Conservancy, and many others. While his skills reach far beyond this list, he’s also an expert in social media, design, sponsorship, events and in-stadium branding.

Tom fills his downtime with writing, speaking, guest-appearing on podcasts and fueling the growth of No Barriers USA for which he served as board president over the last 17 years. Tom is based in Chicago where he lives with his family and where he recently launched his best-selling book, "What’s Within You: Your Roadmap to Living Life with No Barriers."

Three people at your dream dinner would be:

Leonardo da Vinci, Nelson Mandela, and John Candy

Very few people know I:

Used to be pretty good on the xylophone

If I’ve learned one thing it is:

Life can change in a minute

Favorite time of day:

When I come home at night and see my baby

First job:

I was a trade checked on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. I became a legend when I snuck an entire pizza on to the trading floor.

Proudest moment in business:

When I was doing marketing for the Peace Corps, I was able to reunite a Nigerian man with his Peace Corps Volunteer teacher who he’d been trying to find for 38 years.

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