Hi, We're Stone Ward

We are a creative force for good. Building partnerships, people, ideas and community.

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We do good work and create good results for good people.

It's that simple.

In a world where it’s harder than ever for brands to stand out, we help our clients come out on top using strategic thinking and a constant pursuit of big ideas. And we manage to have some fun and make a few good friends in the process.

We are an inclusive, eclectic group of people with the shared purpose of helping our clients, each other and our community succeed. We are grateful for the awards and success of our work, but more so for the lasting relationships with our clients. Who by the way, share the same honest, unaffected mission to make our communities and industries better every day.

With every meeting, every email and every “Hi!” in the hallway, we’re working toward our mission of building good. We’d love to have you join us.

Principle #6

We are a company of leaders who understand that to lead is to serve.

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We're people of character and contribution who love what we do and with whom we do it. Through proven expertise and servant leadership, each of our leaders invests in the success of both our clients and our people and believe in our mission of building good.
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Millie Ward
“Clients and prospects tell me often that our Stone Ward team is real - smart, talented, collaborative, resourceful and eager to create results-driven partnerships. Then they always add 'and they are so nice!'”
— Millie Ward / President

We love what we do. And we love doing it together. It’s amazing to work at a company where your biggest cheerleaders in your career and in life are the people who sit beside you every day. Whether we’re working in the office, socializing at one of our company get-togethers or volunteering in the community, our family-like bond is evident, and so is our heart for making our corners of the world a better place.

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Danny and Chris K.
Stone Ward Camp Reality 2022
Principle #20
Your career is not your life.
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Stone Ward Principles


Remember that business should be profitable, ethical and fun. If it’s not, what are we doing here? We help good companies become more successful and they in turn, help us become more successful.


Great work is made possible by great clients. It’s a partnership that demands mutual respect and the best from both sides of the relationship.


Listen to clients. They know their business better than we do.


We are obliged to tell our clients the truth. They pay us for our honest counsel and best judgement and should get nothing less.


Client information is confidential. It is essential to the trust/faith relationship between Stone Ward and our clients, and it is fundamental to the integrity and reputation of our agency.


We are a company of leaders who understand that to lead is to serve.


Exceptional creative product. The creative product is held in the highest regard at Stone Ward. There is no excuse for compromise.


Three to please. It’s not known how many “great” solutions there are to any given creative problem, but it is definite that there are many more than one. It is our responsibility to satisfy three audiences: the customer, the client and ourselves.


Prima donnas do not exist at Stone Ward.


Collaborate. Uniquely talented people working selflessly together produce big ideas and great accomplishments.


Think. Don’t assume someone else has done the thinking for you. Think through the process all the way to the end. It will result in good judgement and good judgement is expected.


A good idea doesn’t care who had it.


Always be a student. Your output can be no greater than the input.


Find a better way. Continuous improvement is expected, welcomed and rewarded. Nothing is constant except change.


The person in charge of making things better is you.


Live the Golden Rule. No one should be exempt from your kindness and respect.


Like it or not, you are personally accountable for your performance to your co-workers and your clients.


Keep your commitments. We depend on each other. If your work is late or substandard, someone else will have to compensate. When you make a commitment to excellence and a deadline, stick to it.


Don’t confuse effort with results.


Your career is not your life. It does not replace faith, family and friends. But be passionate of all these in correct balance.

Building Good

The most all-encompassing attribute differentiating Stone Ward from other advertising agencies is our active belief in our Building Good mission – the underpinning of everything we do.

Good Partnerships

Good partnerships, both internally and externally, are built on trust and respect.

Maximizing Potential

We maximize the potential of every person, every client and every idea.

Giving Back

Giving back to our local and global communities is our commitment.


We practice excellence every day in everything we do.