Jay Stanley

Creative Director

Jay is no stranger to the creative process. For more than 25 years he’s been perfecting his craft as copywriter and creative director with the last 18 years as senior copywriter and creative director at Stone Ward. A purveyor of thoughtful brand strategy and creative campaign solutions, Jay’s experience as a former brand manager also provides valuable client understanding that fuels his ability to lead his team to produce innovative, award-winning work.

With a results-oriented eye, Jay has used his inventive talents for leading major brands and his work has been recognized locally, regionally and nationally including four “Best of Show” honors from the Arkansas Advertising Federation. A dedicated leader, he holds an experienced understanding of what it takes to make customer experiences both strategic, visually appealing and consumer relevant. Jay’s long-term clients trust Jay to deliver creative solutions that will accomplish marketplace goals.

Jay is passionate about giving back, and serves his community as a board member for Goodwill Industries. When he’s not in the office or volunteering, Jay finds time to spark his creative imagination through hiking, camping, watching a baseball game or driving through the Natural State with his convertible’s top down and his french bulldog riding shotgun.

My favorite book, movie or piece of music:

Cool Hand Luke or Raising Arizona, depending on my mood.

My last meal would be:

Anything. As long as my mom was doing the cooking.

Best advice I ever got:

When opportunity meets hard work, good things will happen.

First Concert Attended:

Hall & Oates. There’s really nothing I can add to make that go over any better.

If I’ve learned one thing it is:

60% of the time, it works every time.

The three people at your dream dinner would be:

Paul Newman, Bono and Abraham Lincoln

My favorite thing at an amusement park:

The biggest, fastest roller coaster in the park.

My first car:

A 1978 Dodge Ram Pickup. It was huge, baby blue and was known around my high school as “The Thundercloud”.

My first job was:

As a lineman at a small, local airport. I filled planes with gas and oil and took over for the air traffic controller when he wasn’t there. What were they thinking?

My favorite thing at home is:

My dog, Mickey. Followed closely by my back yard patio.

The historical figure I most admire is:

Lou Gehrig

Web site I cannot live without: Without a doubt.

First beer:

One we swiped from my friend’s dad’s beer fridge. Probably a Schlitz.

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