Application deadline date January 31, 2015
Internship start date June 15, 2015

Apply for an internship that's hard work, long hours and the experience of a lifetime.

You may say to yourself “I have the grades, the potential and the talent to be anything I want.” But in the real world, you need one more critical thing: the experience. And that’s just what we’re offering to only the select few who prove they are exactly the person we’re looking for.

We're looking for:

Juniors and seniors passionate about advertising, with the talent to back it up. From writing and strategy to media and design, we will accept only the best talent or none at all.

You know enough to know that you don't know enough. We want interns mature enough to build a lasting relationship with professional mentors. And fulfill the expectations of a real-world work environment. While learning the latest technology, strategy and craft that only a full-service advertising agency offers.

You are bold enough to creatively prove your worth. We're looking for interns that know a first impression is powerful. Whether you make a video, write a song or create a campaign, we're looking for intern unafraid to climb out on a limb. And bold enough to like it.

In addition to sharing our experience, our amazing offices in Downtown Little Rock and our, leadership, we will also provide a $2,800 stipend to help with living expenses during the internship.

Brand Management: Brand managers are the voice of and advocate for the client within the agency. It’s a brand manager’s role to lead the agency team to create and produce work that reflects the brand’s mission as well as produces results. They are the primary contact for the client and manage the client’s business daily. They have to understand not only the client, but also the client’s industry and competition.

Brand managers are responsible for strategic planning and day-to-day execution of advertising for clients, along with client interface, the client’s budget, and ensuring that brand standards are maintained on all platforms for the client.

Project Management: Project managers plan, oversee and set deadlines for all projects within the agency. It’s all about setting priorities while making sure projects are getting done and out the door on time. It’s being resourceful and flexible. Project managers are at the center of the job within the agency.

Public Relations: Public relations is more than pitching stories to the media and securing coverage for the client. It’s all about knowing the client’s brand and managing its reputation. PR creates conversations that matter not only to the media but also to consumers. PR professionals enable a client to tell compelling stories that will get the attention of editors, reporters, bloggers and influencers.

Paid Media Planning and Buying: Media planners and buyers plan, purchase and track appropriate advertising media channels including: newspaper, magazine, digital, TV and radio. They frequently request rates from various media vendors, research target audiences, pull competitive media spend reports, recap tracking data, create insertion orders, confirm traffic instructions, and other various tasks associated with paid media.

Creative: Creative professionals contributes ideas, copy and designs for the various advertising media, including: print ads, out-of-home, TV and radio commercials, collateral, digital, point of sale and direct mail pieces.

Art Direction: Art directors strategically compose, arrange and select artwork that compliments persuasive messaging. They work in partnership with copywriters to develop active persuasive communication in all media. Art directors utilize design, photography, illustration, video, and animation to create messaging.

Copywriting: Copywriters create, supervise and curate the persuasive writing used in advertising strategies. They work in partnership with art directors to develop active persuasive communication in all media. Copywriters utilize a mastery of language both written and spoken to create messaging.

Broadcast Production: Broadcast producers prepare and supervise all television and radio broadcast materials, online videos, animation and corporate videos produced.

Digital: Our digital department includes web developers (PHP), content specialists, social media managers. Our digital team plans and executes any interactions that happen with a screen. We are looking for anyone of these skills to work with our team (especially web developers!).

Web Developer

•  Computer science degree-seeking student.
•  Able to demonstrate HTML, CSS, and PHP coding skills.
•  MySQL or other SQL database experience, ability to write SQL queries and troubleshoot database performance problems.
•  Some experience with Javascript and jQuery and a desire to learn more.
•  Some Drupal, Wordpress, or similar PHP based CMS experience.
•  Some command line Linux or OSX experience.

Content Specialist

•  Journalism, Advertising or Public Relations degree-seeking student.
•  Responsible for assisting with planning, executing, maintaining and managing content on online properties (websites and social) to effectively deliver consistent messaging, fresh multi-media content, search engine optimization and content marketing opportunities.
•  Excellent writing skills.
•  Comfortable learning new technologies.

Social Media Manager

•  Journalism, Advertising or Public Relations degree-seeking student.
•  Natural ability to be social, both personally and professionally. This is a big part of building and maintaining relationships.
•  Proficient experience with and understanding of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, their respective audiences, management tools and how they can be deployed in different scenarios. (Basically, you know each of these like the back of your hand.)
•  Excellent writing skills.

  • "It's great to have programs like Camp Reality. You have the opportunity to work on real projects and get to know people that have decades of experience. Everyone was so willing to teach and show you how to get better. You leave the internship with real work experiences, cool client projects in your portfolio and good connections with the right people."
    -June Pham, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith
  • "During Camp Reality, I experienced just that -- reality. I worked on real client projects alongside advertising professionals, all while being treated like a valued member of the agency. By the end of the summer, Stone Ward felt like home."
    -Elizabeth Stripling, University of Arkansas
  • "Now I know that what I thought I wanted to do, I actually do want to do!"
    -Kati Wessinger, University of Arkansas
  • "I had a wonderful time at and have made great friends who I hope will last a lifetime. Everyone is so open and willing to help. I would love to find myself back at Stone Ward one day. It was an incredible opportunity."
    -Laura Garner, Stephens College
  • "Camp Reality was my first internship and it blew my expectations away. I learned more in six weeks than I’ve learned in three years of college."
    -Brandon Griswold, Harding University
  • "I really enjoyed every aspect of my internship, the atmosphere, people and work were truly beyond my expectations."
    -Tyler McGee, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • "Awesome practical experience. By the end of the internship I felt welcomed by everyone from I.T. to the President."
    -Matthew Tate, Harding University
  • "I liked that I was respected and thought of as a part of the department. People not only came to me, but were more than willing to help me out and trusted me with department work."
    -Katie Culpepper, University of Central Arkansas

Application deadline date: January 15, 2015
Internship dates: June 15 - August 7, 2015



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Expected Date of Graduation:

We’re asking for your GPA as a starting point to determine your eligibility for our internship program. But it’s far from the only thing we’re looking for. If you feel like your GPA is not representative of your talent, that’s fine. Just prove it through your resume, your letter of recommendation and work samples.

GPA overall:

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Department of Interest:

Attach all of the following:
- Samples of your work or other expressions of your talent, creativity or brilliance.
- Letter of recommendation, from a teacher, adviser, advertising professional or any other figure in your life that can speak to your level of maturity, commitment and talent.
- Resume

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