Department Descriptions

Brand Management: Brand managers are the voice of and advocate for the client within the agency. It’s a brand manager’s role to lead the agency team to create and produce work that reflects the brand’s mission as well as produces results. They are the primary contact for the client and manage the client’s business daily. They have to understand not only the client, but also the client’s industry and competition.

Project Management: Project managers plan, oversee and set deadlines for all projects within the agency. It’s all about setting priorities while making sure projects are getting done and out the door on time. It’s being resourceful and flexible. Project managers are at the center of the job within the agency.

Media Planning and Buying: Media planners and buyers plan, purchase and track appropriate advertising media channels including: newspaper, magazine, digital, TV and radio. They frequently request rates from various media vendors, research target audiences, pull competitive media spend reports, recap tracking data, create insertion orders, confirm traffic instructions, and other various tasks associated with paid media.

Art Direction/Graphic Design: Art directors strategically compose, arrange and select artwork that compliments persuasive messaging. They work in partnership with copywriters to develop active persuasive communication in all media. Art directors utilize design, photography, illustration, video and animation to create messaging. These creative professionals contribute ideas and designs for the various advertising media, including: print ads, out-of-home, TV and radio commercials, collateral, digital, point of sale and direct mail pieces.

Copywriting: Copywriters create, supervise and curate the persuasive writing used in advertising strategies. They work in partnership with art directors to develop active persuasive communication in all media. Copywriters utilize a mastery of language both written and spoken to create messaging.

Public Relations: Public relations is more than pitching stories to the media and securing coverage for the client. It’s all about knowing the client’s brand and managing its reputation. PR creates conversations that matter not only to the media but also to consumers. PR professionals enable a client to tell compelling stories that will get the attention of editors, reporters, bloggers and influencers.

Social Media: Being part of the social media department requires fast thinking and collaboration between departments at Stone Ward to keep up with the ever-moving pace of the social media world. Each social account involves analyzing digital metrics to help better craft the upcoming month’s strategy, researching trends, developing engaging content and creative, and following up with top notch day-to-day online conversations and community management.

Web Development: Web developers will need to demonstrate HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript coding skills. An understanding of WordPress or other PHP-based CMS is preferred. Command line Linux or macOS experience is helpful.

Video Production: Working with our in-house production studio, 360 Filmworks, you’ll help in preparation and supervision of all television and radio broadcast materials, online videos, animation and corporate videos produced.

Inbound Marketing: Those in inbound marketing spend their days crafting engaging automated email programs to nurture website leads and company contacts, writing content to strategically improve SEO and optimizing websites for better user experience. This team works in a multitude of marketing technology suites and loves to cross-examine data for a 360 view.

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