Happy Campers

“My Camp Reality internship was an enriching experience in more ways than one! I built close friendships with fellow interns and developed strong relationships with my mentors and colleagues. I gained a deeper understanding of agency life and cross-team collaboration, and I left this experience with nuggets of knowledge to benefit my future. The networking opportunities with this experience also gave me a great jump start to my career! I also really admired how the agency's "building good" philosophy starts at the core of everything Stone Ward does and manifests into all aspects of their work. This was a challenging, but extremely rewarding experience, and I know it is an invaluable step toward my future aspirations! I 10/10 would recommend!”
Breana Hicks
University of Arkansas
“This experience went above and beyond any expectations I had. For future interns, I would definitely say the best way to get the whole experience is to keep an open mind and ask as many questions as possible. Everyone is there to help you reach your full potential so don't be afraid to ask for help and give your input in meetings.”
Jordan Gray
University of Central Arkansas
“Camp Reality provides an authentic glimpse into the dynamics of agency life. This experience is fast-paced, thought-provoking and challenges you to get out of your comfort zone. By working with interns and mentors from every department, I learned how an agency functions as a team in order to effectively present to clients. I also learned how to draft press releases, conduct research for an agency and communicate with the media, which successfully prepared me for a career in public relations. Stone Ward is the best place to work, and eight weeks was just not long enough!”
Megan Jennings
University of Arkansas
Public Relations
“Camp Reality gave me invaluable experience in copywriting, communicating effectively, and witnessing what a healthy, productive workplace is like. Designing a campaign in just eight weeks gave me the chance to explore my strengths and weaknesses, and improve with the guidance and encouragement from everyone at Stone Ward. I left this internship feeling much more confident in my future career, and I could not be more grateful.”
Verity Callahan
Hendrix College
“The most relevant part of Camp Reality for me were the assignments, which are real world samples I can provide in my writing portfolio. They will definitely come in handy. Plus, writing them was a great creative exercise. I learned all about deadlines and the quick turnarounds an agency often faces. Coming into this internship, I was excited and also nervous to create real work for clients, but with the help of collaborators and mentors, I’ve learned I can do it. Yes, it can be challenging, but it is feasible. And fun!”
Peyton Ellis
University of Central Arkansas
“Camp Reality was the perfect experience to gain an understanding of the marketing and advertising industry, deep dive into consumer behavior, and create a filter of thinking that is functional across all industries. The experience was action-packed and provided exposure to clients in a variety of verticals, from healthcare to sports to retail and community organizations. I'm so thankful for the team at Stone Ward for helping jumpstart my career!

After working with Stone Ward, I spent the next summer assisting with communications efforts in a Congressional office on Capitol Hill, then upon moving back to Little Rock, began a career in economic development at the Arkansas Economic Development Commission where I worked to recruit companies to Arkansas. That experience paved the way for my current role as Vice President of Economic Development for the Little Rock Regional Chamber, the primary economic development organization and business association for Central Arkansas.”
Jack Thomas
Harding University
Vice President of Economic Development
“Camp Reality played a pivotal role in my development as a marketing and public relations professional. I gained real world experience and greater understanding of the expectations and demands of the industry. We worked with real clients on real projects and received coaching and feedback from some of the most talented professionals in the industry. The connections I made have benefited me throughout my career, and I highly recommend the Camp Reality experience for any student serious about a career in the advertising, marketing or public relations industry.”
Molly Day Camp Reality Alum
Molly Carpenter Day
Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
“I loved that the entire project tied in to Stone Ward's principles and philosophy. It was incredible working with a real client and seeing how our individual efforts came together to make a difference in such a great organization. I definitely learned more in these eight weeks than in most of my college experience.“
Ruby Gonzalez
Ruby Gonzalez
University of Oklahoma
“I really appreciated how big our Building Good project was, because we learned a lot and got to see the process from beginning to end. I also liked how much it required the interns to work together, giving us a stronger appreciation for other departments and a stronger friendship with each other.“
Emily Nicks
Emily Nicks
Harding University
“Collaboration, working with a client, and experiencing the media process. I loved getting to see the implementation of everything! I learned that connections are so important and will help you throughout your career.“
Jacob Mitchell
Jacob Mitchell
University of Central Arkansas
“I learned a lot about how the agency works outside of itself and uses the strengths of those around them to give their clients the best experience.“
Stormi Leonard
Ouachita Baptist University
“This internship has surpassed all of my expectations. I knew I was going to have a great time and learn a lot, but I had no idea I would end up leaving with this amount of knowledge. I have also had a chance to network and form relationships with so many people, and that is priceless.”
Jasmine Conley
University of Central Arkansas
“I was surprised by the culture at Stone Ward. Despite all the big personalities, everyone is genuinely friends. It was such a nice surprise to see such good chemistry at work. It helps for people to feel comfortable and have the freedom to be creative.”
Rachel Ruddell
Baylor University
“To future Camp Reality interns: Get involved with the networking events, ask questions if you have them, rely on your supervisors, keep asking questions and take notes constantly. Also, be kind to the dogs — they will be many and they are the epitome of good.”
Zach Wellman
Elon University
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