Kyle Floyd

Creative Director

In his current role creative director and director of design, Kyle applies highly-targeted visual language to make websites relevant and inspire an audience to action. Design is his passion and Kyle immerses himself into our clients’ brands to ensure he is accurately representing their mission and product or service in a way that promotes their organization to its fullest potential. He also enjoys traveling and truly experiencing new places, which serves as his inspiration to create new, entirely unique designs. Kyle is an avid triathlete and has recently finished the Chicago Triathlon.

Latest Blog Posts

Who Am I?

Favorite thing at home:

Beautiful wife Ashley and five kiddos

My last meal would be:

Eaten very, very slowly

Three people at my dream dinner:

Pablo Picasso, Elvis Costello, and my wife Ashley. 3 people who inspire me

Favorite time of day:

Opening my front door at the end of the day and seeing my kids squeal with delight because Daddy’s home

Best advice I ever received:

Matthew 5:16

Very few people know:

I can juggle. And not just at work.

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