Dustin Jones

Director of Photography & Senior Editor

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Who Am I?

The three people at your dream dinner would be:

Steven Spielberg, Dr. King, & Daniel William Cooper

Best advice I ever got:

Live like there is no tomorrow

Very few people know that I:

Am a big outdoors person

If I’ve learned one thing it is:

To lead by example

My last meal would be..:

In the Rocky Mountains (camping) and it would be Spaghetti

My fave book, movie or piece of music:

Second Hand Lions

My first car:

Suzuki Samurai still got it

My favorite thing at amusement parks:

The water misters that cool you off

My mentor is:

Dero Sanford, and my Dad

My favorite thing at home is:

My family

The historical figure I most admire is:


First beer:

Fat Tire

Web site I cannot live without: