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Who Am I?

Favorite book, movie, and piece of music:
Favorite book: The Defining Decade
Favorite movie: Up
Favorite piece of music: Peace Train by Cat Stevens

My last meal would be:
Pasta, all the bread, and a huge Shake’s chocolate ice cream with Heath bar.

If I’ve learned one thing it is:
Putting hard work into something you care about is ALWAYS worth it, even if the result isn’t exactly what you expected.

The three people at your dream dinner would be:
Walt Disney, Oprah and my great grandmother on my mom’s side.

Favorite thing at an amusement park:
The food and the people watching.

My first job was:
A summer camp counselor at the Museum of Discovery.

The historical figure I most admire is:
Frederick Banting, who discovered a way to make life-saving insulin for Type 1 Diabetics. He sold the patent for $1 in 1921 because he wanted those who needed it to have access to it. I have T1D, so I’m very thankful for that move he made!

Best advice I ever got:
You are pieces of the people you surround yourself with, so make sure they are good people.

Very few people know I:
Am a huge Disney World fan. My family goes every year.

Web site I cannot live without:
Spotify. I listen to podcasts all day every day!

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