Have you ever walked by a friend and they yell “Dannnng, Daniel” at you? Maybe you’re in the middle of a conversation and someone is trying to explain something to you then they out of nowhere say, “Listen, Linda, Listen!” Who are Linda and Daniel? That’s not my name. What does this mean?! Suddenly you’re really confused, and are faced with two options.  You can either awkwardly laugh and act like you understand their foreign name-gaming language, or slowly end the conversation not on the same page. Either way, you’re obviously out of the loop. However, this could all have been solved if you had stayed on top of current trends.

In the ad agency world, connecting with your clients and target audience is a must. You need to be able to understand and speak their language. But, how could you possibly stay on top of all trending subjects like Stephen Curry’s new recorded, Kanye’s new music video, and the latest gossip on “T-Swift.” There’s so much out there to know! It’s constantly changing! Don’t worry, you don’t have to know everything.

Here are some tips on how to stay in the loop:

1. Plug Into Social Media

There are tons of different types of Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. If you are on social media, it is easier to observe what is trending on all different areas.

2. Subscribe for the News

This will keep you up to date on current events around the world. There are many outlets to get the news from too such as television, radio, but a more accessible outlet is twitter. I’m finding most of my fellow interns and coworkers follow a news outlet on Twitter, which can send notifications to your phone when something is posted. It’s one of the quickest way to be in the know.

3. Communicate with Others

People around you are also a valuable resource. Listen carefully for the, “did you know” or “have you seen?” Trending subjects are often talked about, so listen and soak in each other’s knowledge. It’s what friends are for!

Staying in the know about trends can help you in whatever you do, whether it’s pineapples showing up again and again in designs, or a new hip phrase (looking at you, Linda and Daniel) that can be used in social media post. It is just another tool to help appeal to your target audience.

Trends are constantly changing, so you better keep up! However, if the every-changing world of ‘trends’ stresses you out, don’t worry! It’s our job to keep up and we’re here to help.

Have you noticed a trend you’d like some assitance incorporating into your brand? Contact us today.