The web is chock full of ways to waste time. It’s also chock full of talented people with interesting ideas that you can use to inspire you in your work, no matter what you do for a living. Here are 5 of the sites that I have in my daily feed.


Colossal  (

Colossal explains itself as “art & visual culture,” which is merely an attempt to explain the unexplainable. This magic of this site is that it seems to find things you’ve literally never seen before.

Type Everything (

One of the interesting things about digital culture is how it opens doors for the sharing of hand-crafted things. Type Everything (note the lack of the second “e” in the URL) is a fantastic place for typography lovers to create loopy, swirly, blocky, magical creations out of type.

Brand New  (

Brand New is a section of a larger site called Under Consideration. It’s a fascinating daily blog about re-branding: opinions and case studies about how brands re-invent themselves to consumers. Either as a chance to be something new, or a chance to strengthen who they already are.


Counterkicks   (

When I was a kid I used to draw shoes like crazy. Lots of shoes and Transformers. There is so much innovation and artistry in the footwear industry, it’s always fascinating to see what comes next at CounterKicks.



Innovation and design and development are all honored here. This is where to find the most recent experiments in web design that are actually in use.