Everybody loves Wrigley, right? The “friendly confines” are home to the greatest atmosphere in professional baseball. It also regularly hosts music concerts and other sporting events, and in 2014, it will turn 100 years old. Wrigley was one of the first instances of branding a stadium with a corporate name, and using that shared experience (baseball and chewing gum) to positively affect the perception and the value of both brands. The old bleachers in the outfield, the brick walls, the ivy, the food, the beer, the list goes on and on about what makes Wrigley so special.

So the marketing team at the Chicago Cubs decided to allow a passionate fanbase a chance to show their love by crowdsourcing ideas for Wrigley Field’s 100th Anniversary logomark. Crowdsourcing marketing help from brand fans has grown in popularity over the years – with mixed results – but in this case, was a no-brainer. Finalists will be determined by the Cubs, who will then open a fan voting period from March 18 – April 23rd. And because we love Wrigley too, our creative team just couldn’t stay away from this one. Below you’ll find our submissions to the contest that we were able to squeeze in between our actual work. Because the submissions were posted to Wrigley’s website as they were received, we were able to see the trends and similarities of all the entries that had come before, so we paid special attention to crafting different visual styles, and different ways of saying “100th Anniversary.”

No matter how the contest turns out, one thing is clear (at least when it comes to marketing): Cubs win!!! Cubs win!!!