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The Art of Smart

by Kyle Floyd

From decades of movies and media, the perception of life in the trading industry might be quite a bit different than what you'd expect. It's less “Wolf of Wall Street” and more “Moneyball.” Many traders now come equipped with Ph.D.s in math or computer-science, and work in an environment where the fastest speeds and the smartest strategies win the day.

Serving Up a New

by Stone Ward Staff

With a 50-year anniversary on the horizon and posting 25 consecutive positive quarters for same store sales, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken shows no signs of slowing down. As Lees’ agency of record for six years, Stone Ward has no plans of slowing down, either.

The Case For SEO

by Stone Ward Staff

Websites compete for attention and placement in the search engines and those with the knowledge and experience to improve their websites’ rankings will receive the benefits of increased traffic and visibility.

Why and How: Teaching Your Kids to Code this Summer

by Stone Ward Staff

Coding is the backbone of all computer programming, software, mobile apps and websites. It serves as the language that translates commands into technology taking action - whether it’s printing a document from a computer or making a character fly in a game on a tablet.

Building Your Perfect Bracket

by Stone Ward Staff

I was thrilled when my boss here at Stone Ward asked me to write a blog post on March Madness and get an early start on our contribution to the $1.7 billion in lost productivity created by the NC

SXSW 2015: The Rise of the GIF, the Strategy of BuzzFeed

by Kyle Floyd

Before giving you a recap of two of the sessions I attended today, I wanted everyone to see the real SXSW experience: standing  in line. See anyone you know?



SXSW 2015: Prototyping the User Experience

by Stone Ward Staff

Packed house for the "UX Prototyping Tools" session at SXSW. Packed house for the “UX Prototyping Tools” session at SXSW.

HTML 5 Minesweeper in an Hour

by Stone Ward Staff

We heard that some development shops have an interview exam where they ask interviewees to create a Minesweeper clone in an hour, or maybe it was two hours, we’re not totally sure. After talking about it a bit with the team, debating whether it was easy or hard, whether it could be done or not, I decided to try.

Building a Spotify Playlist Can Make Your Brand Rock

by Kyle Floyd

Music makes our lives so much richer, doesn’t it? Such a powerful art form, music is inseparable from our social fabric, and has been from the beginning of human existence. We use it to enjoy life. To create a mood or alter one. To woo or to break-up. To persuade or to protest.

A Review of Node.js Content Management Systems

by Stone Ward Staff

The big question: is there a Node.js based CMS with capabilities similar to Drupal’s custom content types and views, which we could fit into our agency workflow.

What we’re looking for…

Year-end Web Tech Roundup

by Stone Ward Staff

This is the season to think about shopping, Christmas, and looking back at the year that’s almost over. Here are a few links that connect all of those things and web work. Check it out!

What Went Wrong With

by Stone Ward Staff

It’s not easy to tell at this point where things went wrong. Partisan interests try to spin this to their political goals. Government contractors try to pass the blame. Media pundits don’t understand technology. I’ll try to sort it all out here, and present a few lessons we can learn that apply to all web development.

Design & Development, Together at Last

by Kyle Floyd

The following conversation takes place between myself and Chris Earls, one of Stone Ward’s Senior Developers. Even though we come from different sides of the tracks, (job-function-wise) the conversation was quite civil.


5 Sites for Design Inspiration

by Kyle Floyd

The web is chock full of ways to waste time. It’s also chock full of talented people with interesting ideas that you can use to inspire you in your work, no matter what you do for a living. Here are 5 of the sites that I have in my daily feed.


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