Posts About Sports Marketing

Adjective, noun, does it matter?

by Kyle Floyd

Language is an incredibly important element of advertising and communication, and the words we create for our clients are rigorously debated and crafted so that they are as targeted and meaningful as possible. I am not, however, a strict follower of any certain rulebook or style guide. Our words are created specifically for certain target audiences, and in doing so, can take on a variety of voices, cadences, and punctuation.

Crazy Colorways

by Kyle Floyd

If you’ve been to the gym lately (or anywhere, really) you will have noticed a trend in the past few years towards brighter and brighter colors in athletic shoes and apparel.

Trinket or Trash?

by Alan Turner

Last week the Arkansas Travelers, the AA affiliate of MLB’s Anaheim Angels, announced two new team mascots:  Ace and Otey.  Ace is a horse and the latter being a swamp possum.  Yes, a possum – or an opossum for those grammar aficionados.

How #Sports Won Twitter in 2013

by Jeremy Harper

Last year, there were 492 million Tweets about sporting events.

People like their sports, and they like Tweeting about them. In fact, of the 20 most-Tweeted TV events in 2013, twelve were sports related. And if you think about how people Tweet, that’s not surprising.

The Perfect Bracket – You’re More Likely To Win The Lottery

by Lucie Pathmann

I’m a huge sports fan. Not only do I like watching sports, I love the marketing of sports. So, March is a great month for me. Not only is it my birthday month, it’s the month of March Madness! And, what’s the most popular thing about March Madness, yep, the bracket.

Business of “Themed Runs”: Running with a Purpose

by Steve Kerr

Like many Americans, one of the NYE resolutions I set for 2014 was to get into better shape. Having once been an Ironman triathlete and avid marathoner, I thought merely getting back into shape would be a piece of cake.

The Best (dressed) World Cup Teams: Adidas

by Kyle Floyd

It’s 2014, which means – unbelievably — that almost 4 years have passed since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The atmosphere, the drama, the joga bonito is just around the corner. There are still six months to go but one of the more interesting competitions of the tournament has already begun: the unveiling of the official World Cup kits.