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Analytics is not a Noun, it is a Verb. (Or at least it should be)

by Stone Ward Staff

The great American Inventor – Thomas A. Edison – was once quoted as saying that “the value of an idea lies in the using of it.” Now, we all know that Mr. Edison, also known as the “Wizard of Menlo Park”, went on to have an amazing career, both as an inventor and business professional. Over his lifetime, he amassed over a thousand (1,093) U.S. patents and many more in other countries.

Using Google Tag Manager

by Stone Ward Staff

A few weeks ago, I started going through online tutorials on how to use Google Tag Manager and other Google tracking and reporting services such as Google Analytics, Adwords and Adsense.

Rankings Matter

by Dana Dussing Berry

Stone Ward handles an array of advertising, marketing, PR and video work for a wide range of clients. Several are highly ranked for the way they do business, whether the client is a winning team or top-rated franchise. And, that matters…here’s why:

The Analytics Perspective: 5 Ways to Optimize Glance Management Reporting in Your Business

by Stone Ward Staff

This quote from Jim Bergeson “Data will talk to you if you’re willing to listen to it,” doesn’t just resonate with Analytics Leaders in organizations across the globe, but also with those that require analytics & data management services as well. More so, it also speaks to, and introduces the idea, of being willing to listen to what data can tell you.

A/B Testing Removes the Guesswork

by Kyle Floyd

One of the most useful applications of measuring analytics online is the ability to iterate – or change – your site’s design, structure and content in ways that lead directly to your goals. If you want your customers to complete an action (buy a product, fill out a form, request more information) then you ignore testing at your own peril. Major e-commerce sites like Amazon run hundreds of tests per month.

You Gotta Pay To Play: Facebook Reduces Organic Reach, Recommends Buying Ads Instead

by Brett Parker

In the past, adding fans to your Facebook page was a must with any marketing strategy. Brands added “like” buttons to their print materials, included the Facebook logo on their TV creative and measured certain KPI’s around net fan growth. However, what was once an organic way of reaching your target with a simple click of a button has now become a sore subject for most marketers.

Visualizing the 2014 World Cup

by Kyle Floyd

This June, the world again will erupt in World Cup frenzy. And we decided to channel our own pre-tournament buzz into something productive, like making infographics.