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The Perfect Bracket – You’re More Likely To Win The Lottery

by Lucie Pathmann

I’m a huge sports fan. Not only do I like watching sports, I love the marketing of sports. So, March is a great month for me. Not only is it my birthday month, it’s the month of March Madness! And, what’s the most popular thing about March Madness, yep, the bracket.

Visualizing the 2014 World Cup

by Kyle Floyd

This June, the world again will erupt in World Cup frenzy. And we decided to channel our own pre-tournament buzz into something productive, like making infographics.

The Makeup of an Effective Infographic

by Stone Ward Staff

Infographics continue to increase in popularity for organizations to communicate data. And this is with good reason: humans process information and remember information better when it is displayed visually. At the heart of inforgraphics though, is a good story. Collecting data and visualizing it is just a part of the creation process; every graphic should tell a story.

WebGL and Data Visualization

by Stone Ward Staff

With more and more browsers now supporting embedded interactive 3D graphics using WebGL, developers and designers have the opportunity to create infographics and design pieces never possible before.

Google Maps and GIS Data Layers

by Stone Ward Staff

Using Google’s mapping API and some free open source tools, it’s easy to get GIS data on the web as an interactive map.

Display Drives Search

by Stone Ward Staff

Does online display advertising drive search traffic and results?  I believe it does and I have for some time now.  I’ve seen the combination work many times for Stone Ward clients.  Pre-target, an ad targeting software company,  agrees and has pulled together a simple yet educational infographic on the subject.  This infographic shows that display and search are not as far apart as some advertisers think.  It also shows how display ads aren’t