How many screens have you looked at today?

Did you turn on the radio?

Drive down the highway?

In today’s world, there is rarely a moment that passes without you, as a consumer, receiving one of the hundreds, if not the thousands, of messages we see each day.

So, as a marketer, what are the keys to getting your message to the right consumer?

Integration and targeting.

How Sissy’s Log Cabin Broke Through the Noise with Bridal

During a time where very little seemed certain, our clients at Sissy’s Log Cabin understood that one thing we can always count on is love. For the “Love Conquers All” bridal campaign, our team at Stone Ward worked with Sissy’s Log Cabin to create messaging that targeted engagement ring shoppers across various platforms, both digitally and physically. Through researched targeting, we found the best possible mediums for reaching both new and returning shoppers.

The result was a cohesive campaign consisting of social media ads, television, radio, segmented emails, YouTube, paid search and safe, in-store shopping events — all with parameters designed to put our message and creative in front of the perfect audience of Sissy’s shoppers.

Collaboration, Teamwork and Communication

Stone Ward has the unique advantage of true integration at every corner. Most agencies focus on one specialty — creative, media, public relations, and so on. Here at Stone Ward, we have all our specialists housed under one roof. The creative department works with the media department to truly understand the platforms on which we advertise so our message shines through. The media department and the public relations department consistently collaborate on ways to elevate our clients’ stories on the networks we work with. The creative department and the public relations department brainstorm unique ideas to make our clients stand out. The list of collaborations goes on and on.

For the Sissy’s Log Cabin bridal campaign, a true marriage of all facets of our departments is what made the message stick in customer minds and put Sissy’s Log Cabin at the forefront of their engagement ring shopping journey.

Results, Results, Results

During the first month of the bridal campaign, Stone Ward brought thousands of new users to the engagement ring shopping page of the Sissy’s Log Cabin website, an over 9,000 percent increase compared to the previous month. Public relations efforts to promote the safe-shopping Bridal Spectacular events garnered over 220,000 impressions across bridal publications and news sources. 

Just as a stool cannot stand with one leg, no effective marketing campaign can be complete without syncing your brand’s communications across multiple and targeted channels to truly reach the right audience. Let Stone Ward help you reach your audience where they are with stunning creative and smart targeting, fueled by our creative force for good.