Over the past few decades, society has slowly begun plugging into technology more than the outside world. The Arkansas Game & Fish Foundation is on a mission to change that, by looking for donors to fund a new Nature and Education Center in Northwest Arkansas. 

For growing children, nature is just as important as nutrition, exercise and a good night’s sleep. Direct exposure to nature demands the use of all senses, inspiring a child’s imagination, wonder and creativity.

The challenge that Stone Ward had to overcome was how to promote a 61-acre living exhibit that is currently an undeveloped section of woods. The solution? Let the viewer use his or her imagination. Through architectural renderings and exhibit sketches, some well-planned video production, plus a little magic from our designers and animators, the Nature and Education Center comes to life on the page and the screen.

A beautiful 20-page book and short video show potential donors what could be in store for future generations and help bring to life this exciting new center that will bridge the gap between the indoors and the outdoors.