Little Rock competes everyday with communities across the world for economic growth and talent attraction. As part of its ongoing efforts to attract high-quality businesses and talent to Metro Little Rock, Stone Ward partnered with the Little Rock Regional Chamber (LRRC) to create an enhanced branding strategy and redesigned website.

Capitalizing on the widely-recognized success of the “Love, Little Rock” campaign, the multi-platform strategy builds upon the original campaign theme and messaging while also encouraging local residents to utilize social media platforms in promoting why they Love, Little Rock.

Created with the campaign’s original tongue-in-cheek voice, the enhanced brand includes an updated color palette and logo, an engaging website with a heightened user experience, designated social media handles for sharing timely content highlighting the city’s appeal to potential residents and targeting business developers as well.

Additionally, the website is home to the new Love, Little Rock blog. The blog will feature fresh content on community activities, events, happenings, opportunities and the overall reasons why Little Rock is a great place to call home.

To learn more about the Little Rock Regional Chamber, its efforts and subscribe to the Love, Little Rock blog, visit