The agency recently helped rebrand a Chicago-based nonprofit to be known as RefuSHE (formerly Heshima Kenya). To position the organization for future success and to better deliver its mission, Stone Ward worked closely with the Chicago-based nonprofit to craft a new name and logo. The team thought that an organization that developed the world’s first and only comprehensive and holistic model to serve the unique needs of refugee girls, deserved a name and a logo that both celebrated and communicated the work and the population that it serves.

To launch its new brand, the agency developed a video to tell the brand story and a beautiful set of branded collateral that were mailed out to organization supporters last month to coincide with the launch announcement. The brand continues to gather national attention with its celebrity involvement from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie. She recapped the organization’s personal impact on her life in this Harper’s Bazaar article, and had this to say about this initiative:

“…the most beautiful girls, survivors with their heads held high, bringing forward their own designs and culture; showing how it’s possible to find your femininity again after it has been brutally attacked.”

One of the many facets of RefuSHE is its focus on creative learning — girls learn economic independence in the form of fashion — creating and selling of hand-dyed scarves and other products, as seen in the organization’s Artisan Collective, where 100% of the proceeds go back into RefuSHE programming. The organization held its 10th annual Fashion Challenge X at the Chicago Cultural Center in April, where Chicago designers debuted original runway looks featuring this fabric. One of them even featured the new logo and name, very much embraced by the entire RefuSHE team, as part of the design.

Stone Ward is proud of its commitment to “Building Good,” and hopes to see this brand continue to grow, flourish and inspire in the years to come.