Stone Ward is a vibrant environment – the walls, people, and work are all an array of the best and brightest. It’s a delight to walk into our Little Rock and Chicago offices to see and hear people producing some of the most colorful and effective marketing and PR on the planet. And, part of the success may be the hues in which we’re surrounded by every day.

Studies have shown green sparks creativity, blue is most accepted, orange is associated with a good value, pink calms people down, white may lead to boredom, etc. So, color has an impact on the workplace. But have you ever stopped to access how it impacts you personally? The same study shows that not everyone likes yellow, my favorite color, and that red may reduce analytical thinking. 


So, I challenge you to a personal experiment…no matter your environment. On the days you feel particularly productive, see if the coffee or drinking cup you chose is a color that resonates well with you. If you have a less productive day, take a look at the same scenario to see if it had an impact. I tried it out after co-worker Kyle Floyd did a blog post on environmental color and determined having a coffee cup that matches what I’m wearing has a positive impact on my day. I know it sounds like a stretch, but if my cup clashes with my outfit, I’m off kilter all day. 


Once you’ve tried this little experiment, let us know if changing your cup color impacts your day in the comments below. Even better, come have a cup of coffee with us. We’ll be sure whatever color the cup we serve you, it will be full of success.