As the coordinator of Stone Ward’s intern program, Camp Reality, it is safe to say that I love helping other people find what they are good at. When I am not organizing interns (by day), I am a project manager (by the rest of the day), and it is by far my most favorite and challenging job that I have ever had. So, I am basically a superhero. Obviously, a humble one. 

**I am also great at boomerangs, being the trendy millennial that I am, and therefore have selected this as my medium to keep you mildly entertained. 

What is Project Management? 

Project management is similar in every industry. Your job is to make sure that the deliverables promised to the client go out the door on time, and look spectacular, despite the amount of time you did or didn’t have to produce it. 

When you project manage for Stone Ward, you work within the Brand Management department. Which means you then also want to make sure that the projects are on brand for the client and that the work is high-quality, while still being innovative. 

Want To Know If You Have What It Takes? 

This summer I am working with interns to help determine if advertising is or isn’t their calling in life. 

Take my quiz below to find out.

1. Can You Juggle?

Sometimes your life can feel like a circus. In all the best ways. Besides, Stone Ward is known for providing their staff with tasty treats to keep us motivated throughout the day.

As a project manager, I am constantly asked to switch gears. For example, when I am working on a project for one client in a specific industry, I might be asked to start thinking creatively for a client who may be in a completely opposite industry immediately.

2. Are You a Creative Problem Solver?

Do you like to hear the word “no”? Of course not!

Project managers have to constantly be thinking of ways to get around obstacles during projects. They are often in ways that are considered “out-of-the-box.”

3. Do You Love Calendars?

“I love calendars. Calendars are my favorite.”

(Elf reference)

4. Do You Like Lists?

Where do I begin? Let’s start a list.

5. Are You What Some May Call “Bossy?”

Sheryl Sandberg recently told an antidote at the Cannes Awards about bossy girls. She said, “I want every little girl who’s told she’s bossy to be told instead she has executive leadership skills.”

And let’s be real — Sheryl Sandberg is the ultimate boss lady.

6. Are You a “People Person?”

Ultimately, you are working with a team of extremely hard working and passionate people. Everyone is on the same team working towards a common goal. If you don’t like people…you may not want to manage their schedules.

7. Do You Have the Need to Achieve or Complete Things?

If your answer is much that it hurts…keep reading…

8. What Is Your Favorite Color?

Trick question! You love all colors, because it’s another way to better organize things!  

9. Do You Love Schedules?

“I also love schedules.” Have you heard of Passion Planners? I seriously think I need to be a rep for them for how often I recommend them to colleagues.

10. Do You Like and Understand Brands and Their Marketing Efforts?

Answer Time!

If you answered many of these questions with a “YES,” then you should probably come work with us! Or, we should go out to lunch and nerd out over all things that are probably categorized as Type A.

If you answered “NO,” but are yes to number 10, no worries! There are so many jobs in marketing and even at Stone Ward. I believe the most successful people in business never knew their job even existed upon graduation. So get out there, have a year of “YES”, try everything and do great things!