The average the person spends 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime.

It’s essential for anyone in an office to make their workspace welcoming and comfortable — just think of it as your second home. Here’s a few tricks to make your office space a place that feels all the more welcoming 9 to 5.

Personalize Your Space

This is the most fun part — bringing elements into your space that describe you and your passion for what you do.

Make a Bulletin Board

This is a fun way to show off client work, photos from work parties and industry articles. In the ‘Social Corner,’ we keep a board up-to-date with viral and trending social media topics. This serves as a great conversation starter for social happenings. It also has been a great reference for our team day-to-day as we monitor social media conversations. You’ll also find an assortment of Instagram memorabilia from my ‘Instagramer Influencer’ days that are great pieces of interest around the office.

Emoji Pillows

Any office guests that visit the SW Social Team always feels extra comfy with our emoji pillows.

Quotes from Don Draper

Because it goes without saying that everyone in advertising loves Mad Men.

Go Green

Bringing plants into the office has truly brought an extra element of life to our space.

Make it ‘Homey’

This can be done with just a couple simple touches…

  1. Wax Warmer
  2. Coffee Warmer

Both of these purchases are practical and affordable ‘office-upgrades’ that make all the difference. You may think I’m ‘warmer-crazy’ but honestly, my coffee warmer is a lifesaver! It has saved me so many trips upstairs to the microwave for coffee reheats. We love having our wax warmer on in the office (and so does everyone else, you can smell it down the hallway).

Stock up on Supplies

Don’t wait to find yourself in a bind to get your go-to kit together. For me this includes….

“Thank you” and “Happy Birthday” cards for last minute letters.

Sticky notes galore for my many reminders and to-do lists.

Tide To-Go Pens for the inevitable mishaps.

Gum for before a client lunch.