Next time you check up on your business profile page on Facebook, you may notice that you have more than just the option of posting an update. Facebook now offers options to get people to learn more, create an event, help people find your business, create an offer, or even create a job posting.

Most of these tools were already available on Facebook. But there’s a big difference. These functions are much more accessible from individual posts. The customer doesn’t have to click and search a business’s Facebook page to call or message the business. Customers can simply click on the link in the individual post. These links are a more direct way to enforce a call to action and make the customer’s experience just that much easier. Posts now having the power to direct the customer to find out more functions availability in posts physical links in an actual post enhances the likelihood of a customer to take action.

Facebook implemented the ‘Message’ button on ads back in 2015 which has provided an outlet for customers to connect with businesses almost instantly. Facebook incorporating  this same function in individual posts gives businesses the means to improve customer service, address problems directly, and become more accessible to the public.

Sharing photos and videos are no new function to Facebook, however, they’re providing new ways to do it. Facebook now is carrying over the ‘Carousel’, ‘Slideshow’, and ‘Canvas’ Facebook Ad formats to general photo and video posts. These new formats are the same as posting a normal photo or video except you have more options on how to do so. The Canvas format shows videos in the preview before the customer even clicks on them. The purpose? To create an even more interactive experience. These new formats help break through the post norm and monotony providing a subtly different look that is appealing to the eye.

How can my business utilize this? If a client has specific objective such as increasing contact with a customer, promoting their items on their social channels, or advertising their holiday sale, Facebook tools can help amp results enhancing two-way communication with the customer and company. With Black Friday coming up the ‘Create An Offer’ option can promote store-wide sales, or even provide an additional sale when customers mention the Facebook post promotion.

It seems that Facebook has taken a step towards LinkedIn in adding job postings to their post options. This is likely to be an effective way to gain applications rather than relying on word of mouth, hoping they check your website regularly or have an active LinkedIn. Prospective applicants are more likely to see job postings via Facebook.

Creating an event on Facebook is old news but it’s evident that Facebook wants companies to utilize this function even more. Creating an event is an extremely effective way to generate interest in the local community and beyond. When a customer even only says they’re interested in the event, it’s posted to the ‘Home’ feed for all those that are following the user to see.

To take this even further, the day of the event, businesses can utilize the ‘help people find my business’ feature for customers that may not have been there before or not even realize they’re right around the corner from the location.

What’s next? We think Facebook may consider implementing similar functions on Instagram. Allowing captions on posts in Instagram would link directly to websites rather than the user having to go all the way to the user’s Instagram bio to click on a link. This plays off the same concept as Facebook with enhancing the ease of the user experience and not having 5 more clicks required for a customer to call the business or inquire about a product posted.

Social media channels are free tools that make it easy to get caught up in posting similar content each week. As an agency, we strive to keep up with trends and incorporate them along with new features into client’s social channels. We take pride in utilizing each social channel organically for our clients.

Need ideas on how to get your business noticed on Facebook or other social channels? Let us know!