Stone Ward handles an array of advertising, marketing, PR and video work for a wide range of clients. Several are highly ranked for the way they do business, whether the client is a winning team or top-rated franchise. And, that matters…here’s why:

  1. Rankings are a way of measuring where you stand in a competitive environment. So says Jerry Palm, a “bracketologist” for CBS Sports. We crossed paths with Jerry while doing PR work at a race track for a client and asked him about the importance of rankings. He says, “Everything is about competition and trying to get to the top.” True in sports and business.
  2. How many times do you click on the top item that comes up in search? If you’re looking for a business to buy or invest in, which is the case with Stone Ward’s franchise clients, a positive ranking by a high-profile media outlet supports being at or near the top in “search.”
  3. You’re going to click on “Top XXX” rankings and lists…you just are. A Poynter interview around the psychology of why we click on rankings notes, “Lists help us make sense of the world, and this clarity can prompt us to take action…” important when clients count on us to interest investors in their franchise opportunity. We work with them to extend the good ranking news through PR outreach.
  4. Even though most recognized rankings say they’re “not endorsements,” they’re interpreted by readers/searchers as just that…an endorsement. When asked about the science behind rankings, Palm says they are “always subjective” adding, “Even done by computer, they use a formula created by a person (or persons) who has an opinion, even if they are evenly applied.” When the top rankings measure everything from system size and sustainability to financial strength and stability to franchisee satisfaction, it’s easy to see why franchises that rank highly are deemed successful and the most desirable.

With franchise clients that are among the select:

  • Best to buy
  • Top 50
  • Fastest growing
  • Top global
  • Military friendly
  • Leaders in franchisee satisfaction

…rankings matter. And, Stone Ward takes seriously our work to share their good rankings news and diligent efforts to remain at the top of the “competitive” franchise environment.

We can help your team or business climb to the top and stay there. Contact us today.