Traveling is always a great opportunity to read.  And it was on a recent trip that I discovered the story of a company headquartered in the little town of Lexington, North Carolina.  The entrepreneur who started the company is Brandi Temple, who Inc. Magazine describes as “a likeable local Mom who had never held a corporate job when she started posting her homemade dresses on the web five years ago.”

In those five years, Ms. Temple has managed to become the envy of e-commerce experts by building a wildly successful children’s clothing business using Facebook as her social commerce engine.  In 2013, Lolly Wolly Doodle scored $11 million dollars in sales and has garnered 900,000 Facebook fans.  Her sales are expected to double this year.  Not bad for a woman who says she never really aspired to be a CEO.

And by the way, this less than likely female entrepreneur may also be inspiring the next e-commerce revolution.  Basically, she is creating an innovative U.S.-based manufacturing process and supply chain that feeds off her brand’s social-media cues.  It is a new and more consumer-centric approach to kids fashion retailing.

Will Young, the director of Zappos Labs says he has “an e-commerce crush on Lolly Wolly Doodle.”  She has attracted sophisticated investors.  She has put many unemployed people from her hometown back to work in her business.  She calls herself “blessed” and is quick to say her faith is an important part of her success story, which is pretty incredible.

Here’s a link to her story in this month’s issue of Inc. Magazine.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll do a little Facebook shopping for my four-year old granddaughter.  Thanks Lolly Wolly Doodle for the inspiration.