While at SXSW 2012, I reported on some digital innovations that Google had been working on with their Chrome Experiments and Art, Copy & Code platforms. Alot of interesting things have been happening on those platforms since then that brands and marketers should be paying attention to. Here are just two of many, many cool experiments to check out.
Burberry Kisses is a collaboration between Burberry and Google to continue to use digital channels as the tools to create real connections and real experiences instead of merely virtual ones. Bring some soul to the web! It’s a super-charming experiment, although I do hope it comes with a handkerchief for your smartphone….

What do you think of when I say “pop-ups” in an online context? I know, me too. Pop-ups used to be the bain of our online existence and have mostly dissappeared on reputable sites. A few years ago we all raved at The Wilderness Downtown from Arcade Fire, which used a mixture of a physical address, music and multiple pop-ups to create something magical online. This example also uses music and pop-ups, but adds a little something else to the mix. More multi-window experiments can be seen here.