USA Curling

Balancing Tradition with the Need to Stay Relevant Today

Curling is a unique sport that has surged in popularity since the 2018 Olympic gold medal win by the U.S. Men’s Curling Team. USA Curling challenged us to create a badge that honored the sport’s deep history while ushering in the new era of curling. Stone Ward worked closely with USA Curling to ensure the new badge included the unmistakable symbols of the sport while presenting a distinctly American look.

USA Curling logo
Brand Standards Book

Every element of the new badge brings meaning to curlers across the nation. The circle is the shape of the curling “house,” the area on the ice where athletes aim to score points. While stars are a core symbol of our American flag, the four stars in the new badge represent the number of athletes who take the ice in traditional competitions. The 11 red and white stripes, also a nod to the American flag, represent the national and regional curling associations. The curling stone itself faces to the right to suggest a progression and forward motion. The golden outer ring is representative of the aspirations of the USA Curling Association and all of its athletes in pursuit of excellence.

USA Curling Brand Work
USA Curling Brand Work #2

Working with USA Curling, we pulled photos and videos from the curling archives to craft a video to accompany the badge launch and tell the full story of how the sport has evolved. The new badge was met with great admiration and has been on display during worldwide competition. The sport of curling is growing and Stone Ward is proud to support them on this journey.

We provide these services for USA Curling on an ongoing basis:

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