Rival Systems

The art of smart.

Rival Systems, a trading and risk management software platform, came to Stone Ward to help them develop a new brand positioning.

Today’s trading industry is an environment where the fastest speeds and smartest strategies win the day, and oftentimes, the software can be the difference between profit and loss.

This insight – and time we spent with real traders – led us to position Rival as “Smarter with every trade.” A brand that enables knowledge to be sought and shared. 

Rival Systems

The design strategy, with crisp details and black and white palette, positions the brand as a source of smart counsel with one foot in the future. Stone Ward helped Rival communicate the new brand position with every detail of communication, from typography and iconography to sales materials and copywriting.

Brand Guide


Rival’s product icons were crafted to place each product within the larger “Rival Ecosystem,” and to visually appeal to an increasingly technically-adept target audience.

Rival Systems

The new website was created as an online hub for Rival’s products and solutions as well as for the brand’s industry expertise and insights.


Rival Systems Responsive Website

Mobile Site

Algorithmic Art: Covariance Matrix, Volmageddon, The Rise of Bitcoin

Rival Art of Smart landing page

Art of Smart landing page

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