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Crushing Membership Goals for Crunch Fitness

Like Crunch Fitness’ commitment to satisfying members’ fitness needs under one roof, Stone Ward was ready to offer Crunch’s franchisees its in-house capabilities to increase awareness, trial signups, and new memberships while meeting a measured cost-per-acquisition goal across all partner clubs. To achieve this, our team developed a winning approach based on unique audience insights covering three key pillars:

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When it comes to achieving goals, we know “one size fits all” is unrealistic. We also know a goal without a plan is like running backward on a treadmill: you’re likely to fall and you won’t get very far. That’s why our team created a custom roadmap for Crunch that was unique to their brand position and audience insights. With three main steps, we began by defining a targeted audience strategy. Researching “actual distance traveled” by clients to each club, demographic saturation, Mosaic profiles by zip code, and national competitive data allowed us to identify areas of high opportunity with low marketing cost.

Next, we determined the optimal media mix by market, audience, and channel, taking into account variables such as years of operation, total competition, share of voice, market location, online reviews, and YoY member growth. Finally, we used our proven franchise media mix to launch custom media plans in the market.

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Local Customization Drives Action

At Stone Ward, we know not all franchise locations are created equal. Which is why we created a multiple-variable planning calculator to determine media weight by market, audience, and channel. This helped us align with Crunch’s national marketing strategies to ensure local and national objectives complemented each other, rather than creating unnecessary competition. For example, we planned local campaigns at higher impression levels when the national campaign needed additional support, and lowered spend when the national campaign had higher audience coverage to prevent message fatigue and diminishing ad return value.

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New Personal Records Feel Good

Because of this customized three-tiered approach, Stone Ward helped Crunch franchisees crush goals across participating gyms delivering positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAs) averaging to 8:1, with some clubs as high as 18:1. We also were able to improve ROAS by 60% for many locations. Plus, we worked with Crunch to launch Spanish ad copy and cater to multicultural audiences. Shared values often create shared success.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAs) Average


Lowered cost-per-acquisition and cost-per-lead by an average of


We provide these services for Crunch Fitness on an ongoing basis:

  • Strategy
  • Media
  • Public Relations