Cherokee County

Stone Ward Was the Right Choice for Cherokee

Through our partnership with Boyette Strategic Advisors, Stone Ward was asked to create a positioning line, brand standards, ads, collateral and a website for the Cherokee County Office of Economic Development.

Research showed the county provides a great location for international businesses to operate while offering a small-town atmosphere conducive to family life. Several companies, including Adidas, chose to expand into Cherokee for these reasons, among others.

Cherokee County Office of Economic Development logo

These Companies Gave Us Our Insight Themselves

Many said moving to Cherokee was “the right choice” for them. This insight led to the positioning line…

Cherokee County Office of Economic Development tag line

Cherokee County Print Ads

Being somewhere by choice is an emphatic statement that says you feel very strongly about it. We weren’t passively asking people to “Choose Cherokee.” We were boldly telling of the successful businesses and people who are already here by choice.

Cherokee Country Website

Alliteration = Memorability

Cherokee by Choice is a line that works for both industry and individuals, referring to a 74,000 square foot facility as well as hiking trails, schools and lakes. It’s a very broad, all-encompassing line that fits a capital campaign or the cover of a proposal. It's easy to say, and more importantly, easy to remember.

Cherokee Country Brochure

Hollywood Results

Working together with Stone Ward and under the guidance of Boyette Strategic Advisors, the county was able to create nearly 4500 new jobs in a five-year period. Cherokee County has even attracted the interest of the film and entertainment industry and has been the home to more than 53 projects filmed in 2021 alone.

We provided these services for Cherokee County:

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Brand
  • Digital