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A Campaign for Women, by Women

Women are complex. Not only do they manage careers, homes, schedules, finances, and relationships, they also juggle a myriad of responsibilities to make sure they and their families stay healthy. Uniquely equipped to partner with women in all things health, Baptist Health challenged Stone Ward with creating a campaign that would connect these “Chief Health Officers” to the unparalleled support they need.

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An Unconventional Approach

Stone Ward’s strategy was simple: connect emotionally with Arkansas women on their terms. We did this by shining a light on common insecurities and championing those. For instance, a woman might see the dark circles under her eyes, but Baptist Health sees a mom who was up until midnight taking care of her family. We wanted women to see themselves in this campaign, and know that Baptist Health sees and celebrates them too.

What resulted was a message reaffirming that Baptist Health is more than an organization; it’s a group of caring individuals who understand every woman’s unique struggles and will always be there to help. This raw and heartfelt campaign can be seen across television, outdoor, print, radio, and all digital platforms.

Women’s Campaign Print Ads

Women’s Campaign Print Ads

Women’s Campaign Outdoor
Women’s Campaign Outdoor
Women’s Campaign Print Ads

Women’s Campaign Social Media

Behind the Scenes

Not only were all the women featured in the campaign local and affiliated with Baptist, but Stone Ward also intentionally recruited a predominately female production crew. Spearheaded by Katy Bartlett, co-creative director on the campaign and Stone Ward's Director of Creative Services/Executive Creative Director, the crew also included documentary filmmaker Ky Dickens, a female assistant director, line producer, camera assistant, two makeup artists, copywriters, and art directors.

Women’s Campaign Outdoor
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Heartfelt Responses

There is a resilient ribbon that binds all women and our experiences together– with motherhood, aging, healthcare, strength, and vulnerability. So, we surveyed women in Central Arkansas to learn how the campaign resonated. Here’s what they told us:

This video made me emotional because I have a C-section scar and dark circles, and wrinkles and it made me feel seen. I would totally visit that hospital. It made me feel strong and beautiful and valued.

Gosh, I think we all know somebody who has been through those things so it definitely moved me… It made me feel like the brand truly cares about the people. I think that ‘valued’ is the word that keeps resonating with me with these videos and I just want to reiterate that that’s how the videos made me feel… It was such a beautifully shot commercial, good job.

I felt like you saw so many different stages of life for women, and that was gorgeous. That one really encompassed that this brand is for all women at all different walks, all different backgrounds, ages, and socioeconomic statuses…. I would definitely be moved to try this brand, to visit this hospital, because of how moved the commercials make me feel.

See for yourself:

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