Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Hunting for License Growth Using Data

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Stone Ward worked together to create an integrated hunting campaign with three growth objectives: Retain current hunters; Recruit those who’ve never purchased a hunting license; Encourage re-trial for those whose license has lapsed within the last two years.

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Three Targets. Three Insights.

Using known customer data and audience modeling we discovered unique insights for each target.

Target 1: Retention

To retain our existing license holders, we tapped into the numerous reasons they hunt: tradition, relaxation, friendships. We reminded them that to renew these things, they needed to renew their hunting license as well.

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Target 2: Lapsed

For those who had lapsed within the last two years, we showed them that they may have some “Unfinished Business” in their hunting career. For instance, never getting a trophy buck, never getting a banded duck, or even something as simple as never been dove hunting.

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Target 3: Recruitment

If there is one reason to come to Arkansas to hunt, it’s because of the world-class duck hunting in the state. We knew avid duck hunters were aware of this and most likely had always wanted to hunt here. This insight allowed us to refer to an Arkansas duck hunt as part of a Bucket List, and led to the line, “If you’re a duck hunter, Arkansas is calling.”

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An Integrated Strategy to Reach Multiple Audiences

To increase awareness, consideration and ultimately drive license purchases, we used multiple channels to get in front of our audience including TV, radio, outdoor, social and email marketing.

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Remarkable Results

The campaign generated a 15% increase in license sales, the first positive year in the previous five, and resulted in a triple digit ROI.

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