It’s not every day you try to bring attention to something that’s supposed to remain hidden. But that’s exactly what we were tasked with by Natural Gear Camouflage, an outdoor company founded in Arkansas.

The Natural Gear Story

It’s not uncommon for a product to be improved “in the field.” That’s how Natural Gear came into being nearly 25 years ago. Two hunters in the Arkansas Delta discovered their camo had failed. So they set out on a mission, photographing the contours, colors and patterns found in nature. Then used those findings to create their original camo pattern.

Making Natural Gear Stand Out

Natural Gear’s camo patterns are highly effective and used by other major outdoor brands including Banded and Drake. They have a very dedicated following among hunters, but few in Arkansas know that the camo they may have been using for a generation, was actually born and developed right in our state.

We just needed to get that story out.

Arkansas Camo for Arkansas Hunters

The goal was to make Arkansas hunters think that if they hunt in Arkansas, or anywhere else, this is the camo they should use. It was all in the creative storytelling we developed.

A warm Southern voice delivers this story on radio in a homespun fashion. Photographs of the products in use along with compelling copy delivers the message with personality in paid social ads. And the outdoor boards use creative design concepts including extensions and lots of white space to catch the eye of the passersby.

The campaign generated more than 5.5-million impressions and more than 5,000 clicks at a $3.34 CPM – 71% below the Facebook average and 33% below Instagram. What’s more, organic new user traffic to the Natural Gear website went up 46%.

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