What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a strategic marketing approach that involves creating and sharing video content with the goals of attracting, retaining and converting a defined audience of viewers. Maybe you’re wondering, do people really watch that much video? Well, yes. According to Google, half of 18 to 34 year olds would stop what they’re doing to watch a new video by their favorite creator. Facebook gets 8 billion video views daily. Snapchat claims 10 million and Instagram says 50 percent of the 25 million business accounts on the platform has posted an Instagram story. 20 percent of organic stories posted by businesses receive a direct message. As you can see, video dominate social channels.

Do Consumers Really Want to Watch My Videos?

The Hubspot research report says more than 50 percent of consumers want to see videos from brands more than any other type of content. So how do you get started? There are times when you want to engage the pros to help you craft your content and other times you can get your point across by using the do-it-yourself approach.

Three Easy Steps in Video Content Production

Whether you’re using your phone, or the best camera money can buy, you’ll still want to follow the same three steps to get a good result. Pre-production, production and post production.

#1) Pre-Production Planning

Pre-production is often an overlooked step in the video creation process, but it can often be the most important. This is where you define your audience, your budget, your idea, write your script, and play in your shot list. Think of it as writing the instruction manual for your upcoming shoot.

#2) Production of Main Video Content

If you’ve done your work during pre-production, the production phase should go smoothly. Just stick to the plan and don’t get distracted.

#3) Post-Production: Adding the Finishing Touches

Finally, post production is the phase where all your hard work comes together. Don’t be afraid to shorten your content or think about it a few different ways. Add a little music, a few graphics and before you know it, you’re ready to share your video with the world. And as we say in the film world, ‘that’s a wrap!’ for this video. But if you’d like to talk more about how to leverage video content for your brand, I’d love to visit with you.

Have Questions about Video Production and Marketing?

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