Since 1970, Sissy’s Log Cabin has been an iconic, family-owned and operated jewelry store. Over the years, the business has evolved into Arkansas’s largest independently owned jewelry store, and now includes locations in Little Rock, Memphis and Jonesboro, in addition to the original Pine Bluff store. The unforgettable tagline, “Life’s too short for ordinary jewelry,” truly embraces how each member of their staff works with clients to find the perfect piece to fit any budget.

Sissy’s Log Cabin has built a reputation for incredible service, selection and customer experience. Our creative team and 360 Filmworks worked with Sissy’s Log Cabin to develop a television spot that focused on those three value propositions to reinforce their unique brand in the marketplace.

SISSY Arkansas Brand TV Final from 360 Filmworks on Vimeo.

With images of the wide selection of fine and exclusive designer jewelry showcasing the exceptional customer service, the spot provides a brief glimpse into the Sissy’s Log Cabin experience and reminds viewers of their nearly 50 years of being a family-owned, trusted jewelry store.