As a Camp Reality intern, a phrase I’ve heard many times around Stone Ward is “we don’t say ‘no’ too much.”

In one way, this phrase means saying “yes” to taking on obligations, meeting clients’ needs and helping co-workers. It means getting a job done well and on time with a positive attitude.

But this phrase is more than just a rule of advertising. It’s also a mantra for life. Granted, work and life can be overwhelming and there are times when saying “no” is appropriate, but it’s often best to say “yes.” In my experience as an intern, I have noted three times when you should say “yes.”

1. Say “Yes” to a Challenge

Sometimes, saying “yes” is difficult, but it’s almost always worth it. I’ve witnessed the power of saying “yes” to a challenge right here at Stone Ward.

Even when my creative mentors’ desks are piled with projects, they are always willing to take on more work in order to move the agency forward. Everyone at Stone Ward strives for excellence, and their confidence in their abilities helps them achieve it. Their drive inspires me to take on what seems impossible and execute it to the best of my abilities.

While overcoming a challenge is extremely satisfying, I’ve learned it won’t always happen. However, there is no harm in trying. Don’t let challenges scare you. Everyone will experience failure, both professionally and personally. You must accept it and move on with a new perspective. Next time around, you’ll succeed.

2. Say “Yes” to Fun

Remember all those hard-working mentors I mentioned? Well, as diligent as they are, they also know how to relax. Whether it’s playing an afternoon game of PIG, laughing over a funny meme or rubbing a puppy’s belly, they are capable of giving themselves a break and saying “yes” to fun.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in work and the serious parts of life. It’s much more difficult to forget your worries and embrace all of life’s light-hearted moments. I’m still learning how to let stress out and happiness in, but saying “yes” to fun is a good start.

3. Say “Yes” to Anything You’ll Regret Saying “No” To Later in Life

Months before I ever stepped foot in Stone Ward’s office, the agency taught me a lesson on listening to my gut. After hearing about Camp Reality, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I asked myself, “Could I be an intern here?” I took a chance and said “yes.” I’m so glad I did.

In saying “yes,” I gained a dream internship, new friends, and industry experience. And I have no regrets.

Saying “no” is an easy way to limit yourself professionally and personally. It’s an easy way to leave yourself wondering what you could have done. Don’t let yourself miss out. Say “yes” before it’s too late.

Accept the opportunities life throws at you, both the challenging and the fun. There’s a reason they’re coming your way. If you’re a person who “doesn’t say ‘no’ too much,” you’ll find out why.