It’s rare that Stone Ward gets to work with a client that has the potential to create a safer world. However, ANDE is one of those clients.

ANDE is a Massachusetts-based company that is a leader in the Rapid DNA analysis category. The conventional approach to human DNA identification requires weeks or months of work by highly skilled technicians using sophisticated equipment which is operated and maintained in a lab. ANDE is revolutionizing the industry with a fast, reliable, rugged, mobile solution – delivering answers in less than two hours. The only Rapid DNA device approved by the FBI, ANDE has worked with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, law enforcement agencies, as well as military and governments around the world.

Stone Ward created the ANDE brand identity with inverted “A”s to create a modern depiction of a double-helix. ANDE’s Rapid DNA system will be a game-changer for the law enforcement and military communities, and Stone Ward will be assisting the company throughout the coming months with a variety of marketing services and strategy.