Last week, Pinterest announced that businesses can feature top items and craft their customers experience in a showcase. This new release also features buyable pins which can directly generate sales for businesses.

The best way to describe the Pinterest showcase is the equivalent of cover photos that are on social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But this Pinterest update is better than just a cover photo. Businesses can feature up to 5 of their Pinterest boards that automatically rotate through. All the customer has to do is search your business profile. Though these are not actual ads, the showcase gives businesses the opportunity to advertise sales or products that appeal most to their customers.

Pinterest Showcase
PROTIP: Feature boards that are the most aesthetically pleasing and relevant.

Pinterest has made its way into the business world by adding business profiles, sponsored pins (ads), and now buyable pins. Buyable pins are the first thing customers will see in your showcase. These features give businesses more control over what customers sees from their brand on Pinterest.

Since the release, our client’s Pinterest profiles have been updated featuring the most relevant boards. Though the Pinterest showcase feature has only been released to business profiles, it wouldn’t be surprising to see new functions released in the near future for general users. Adding cover photos, favorite pin-boards, wish-lists, or recently bought pin showcases for user profiles are definitely not out of the question.

Interested in having a showcase setup on your social channels? We can help!