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FOMO is real, but so is being a workaholic. In a new campaign, #SeeYouInMexico, the Mexico Tourism Board strategically and creatively targets the over-worker as the ideal candidate to take a break in beautiful Mexico. As Ann-Christine Diaz puts it in the following Advertising Age post: Workaholics, This Prank Might Make You Really Depressed.


When it comes to publishing content online, should you rent or own? The (Internet) land, that is. Joe Pulizzi, author of Content, Inc. and founder of the Content Marketing Institute, shares some great insight on the pros and cons of renting or owning your publishing medium in The Seductive Power of the Dark Side [Rented Land].


Did you know Google has a deal with Twitter that allows them to see every tweet in real time? Although Google indexes less than 4% of all tweets, social media and SEO still share an unusual relationship. In the following Contently article, writer Emma Siemasko seeks to Understand the Unusual Relationship Between Social Media and SEO.


Any PR professional knows it’s not only what you know, but who you know, that matters. A truth that’s being proliferated in the digital space with the rise in influencers. Jeff Barrett, blogger, social media & ad exec-extraordinaire, shares with Cision his thoughts on 2016: The Year of the Influencer.


Virtual Reality, or “VR,” is definitely the shiny new object in imaging and video technology. But, it’s still too new to know whether or not it will gain the traction predicted. One of the main obstacles to date has been the lack of quality VR cameras. However, Nokia has emerged after quite some time in silence to present the world’s first professional VR camera, OZO. OZO captures 360-degree spherical video with 360×360 surround sound, increasing both the quality and efficiency of VR production. Learn more about Nokia’s OZO.


Location-based services and beacon-based marketing are not only convenient for consumers, but also effective for marketers. With access to personal data, it’s imperative to make sure your website or app follows all laws and codes regarding privacy. In a recent Smashing Magazine article, Heather Burns explores the Legal Guidelines For The Use of Location Data On The Web.


Exciting new advertising opportunities are expected as NFL Thursday Nights will now be streamed live and free on media platform, Twitter. Learn how Twitter wins rights to stream NFL Thursday night games from ESPN Senior Writer, Darren Rovell.