Recently, Google rolled out a new dashboard for Webmaster tools. This new dashboard makes the entire toolbox more accessible for beginners with the same tricks and whistles for those seasoned users. Along with the new layout, they introduced Webmaster Troubleshooter which provides more clarity on those terms and issues you may see in the dashboard.

Here’s a handy gif from the folks at Search Engine Land to showcase these new features:

Google Webmasters Home Dashboard


In addition to updates to the new Webmaster dashboard, Google has added some great new tools to Search Console as well. Originally released last May, the Search Console has become a great resource for those wanting to dig deep into their search engine strategy and troubleshoot anything that may be preventing their business from showing at the top of search results. Never used Google Search Console? You can setup your own here.

BONUS: Instagram rolled out multiple account management features.

You can now manage multiple Instagram accounts via the Instagram app. For those of you monitoring your organization’s Instagram account and your own personal account, you can do this seamlessly without having to log in and out. Social media managers, rejoice!

Here’s how to use the new multiple account management feature from Instagram:

Instagram Multiple Account Management How To

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